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Teradata interview questions

Krong Battambang, Battambang, Cambodia

July 13, 2019


Q.How do you Generate sequence at the time of Display?
Answer: By Using CSUM
Q.How do you Generate Sequence in Teradata?
Answer: By Using Identity Column
1-for storing purpose using identity.
2-for display purpose using csum.
Q.How do you load Multiple files to a table by using fast load scripts? Remove End Answer: Loading statement in the script and Replace the file one by one in the script till last file and submit every time so that data appended in Amp Level.For the last file specify End Loading statement in the script and Run.so that it runs from Amp to table.

Q.What is the difference between FastLoad and MultiLoad?

Answer: FastLoad uses multiple sessions to quickly load large amount of data on empty table.

MultiLoad is used for high-volume maintenance on tables and views. It works with non-empty tables also. Maximum 5 tables can be used in MultiLoad.

Q.Which is faster?

Answer: FastLoad.

Q.Difference between Inner join and outer join?

Answer: An inner join gets data from both tables where the specified data exists in both tables.

An outer join gets data from the source table at all times, and returns data from the outer joined table ONLY if it matches the criteria.

Q.What is multi Insert?

Answer: Inserting data records into the table using multiple insert statements. Putting a semi colon in front of the key word INSERT in the next statement rather than terminating the first statement with a semi colon achieves it.

Insert into Sales “select * from customer”

; Insert into Loan “select * from customer”;

Q.Is multi insert ANSI standard?

Answer: No.

Q.How do you create a table with an existing structure of another table with data and with no data?

Answer: Create table Customerdummy as Customer with data / with no data;

Q.What is the opening step in Basic Teradata Query script?

Answer: Logon tdipid/username, password.

Q.You are calling a Bteq script, which drops a table and creates a table. It will throw an error if the table does not exist. How can you do it without throwing the error?

Answer: You can it by setting error level to zero before dropping and resetting the error level to 8 after dropping.

You can do it like this




Q.Can you FastExport a field, which is primary key by putting equality on that key?

Answer: No.

July 13, 2019

Cambodia, Battambang, Krong Battambang